Meet DA Merchant Services, A New Kind of Help

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Helping Small Businesses Become Smart Businesses

You just started to build your small business. You are dedicated to establishing your business. Plus, you made it a part of your business plan to keep prices competitive and are trying to avoid paying high credit card processing fees. You realize that you need dependable card processing technology that your customers will recognize and feel comfortable with. You have also decided that you need merchant services that have a solution-driven customer service team and provides dependable and secure transactions that protects financial and private customer information.

Imagine if all of these qualifications were met in a merchant account transaction solution and was also affordable. This exists. Meet DA Merchant Services.

We thrive off of your success here at DA Merchant Services! Your success is our top priority. We realize that every dollar saved by your company helps your small business grow and we are passionate about helping you do just that. You will be pleased with the best credit card processing rates when you team up with DA Merchant Services.

With DA Merchant Services:

  • Your business is provided with a secure payment system which makes accepting online payments hassle-free and safe.
  • Point of sale, telephone, and online transactions are streamlined in order for fast and convenient payments.
  • You can accept credit cards (such as American Express®), debit cards, electronic transfers, personal checks, and more.
  • You will be competitive in today’s marketplace with same day funding and solution-driven service to help you meet your business’s quota.
  • You will be provided with resources to strengthen your business’s knowledge base on important trends and best practices with industry guides, info-graphics, a blog, and other tools.